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so, there i was

Sitting in my living room and I get a paniced message from my sister saying that she was being arrested.
Then my brother in law, and i loathe to even call him that, tells me that he is “Done with peggi” and that none of it’s his fault and that he has been nothing but a perfect man.
yanno, apart from the being drunk, and being abusive. apart from that Bill Slane is a perfect man.
absolutely he is.

So anyway, I’m fairly certian she was arrested for being involved with that witch down in oklahoma and doing her books. And i don’t think peggi did it.
She kept saying Carla hadn’t paid her.

Now i’m trying to get her out of jail, the bond is set for 10k
yeah like i have that much cash laying around. And i have no idea at all how to get that sorta cash from a bail bonds man


not that it matters…Peggi will get out, It will happen end of story

her bond has been set for 10k
and i’m working on getting it, i don’t know if i can though
that’s the scary thing

i really just don’t know if i can.

and if i close one of her projects then i will get her out, and life will be good.
But since her family hates me, I’m probably going to be “banished” from the world.



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