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so today…

I have accomplished already, hitting 100 points for the store, Ryan is at the same, Dillon is close.
I have bought rachel, mom and I tickets to see the Jonas brothers in concert, I’m not really sure who they are, but the girl is happy about this.

($40 for tickets, they are insane)

The cats are fed, thanks to my job being able to keep them in the lifestyle they are used to living in. (IE being fat, sitting on the cars and getting sun)

I have a beautiful dog sleeping on my shoulders, who apparantly was very upset at being left by me when i took the amazing girl to school.

Yesterday in the mall, I saw this father and son, and i hope they were father and son, because they were holding hands. tthe boy was 10.

or so

i don’t get that, but hey ho…

Even as I sit here, and realize how awesome my life is right now I find myself growing well..dissatisfied,

Why is that?

i have an awesome job, my paycheck is going to kick ass and take names tomorrow, I’ll have a $400 bonus on my next check, which kicks ass again.

still yet the rest of it is awesome….and wonderful

Yet…I have little time to myself, the little time I do have is usually looking at things that right now are very far out of my reach, and making it unable to be touched.

(IE a bigger house, enough room to be able to sew….to be able to find my glasses..things along those lines)

And…even right now I sit back and I wonder why…

Why are they so happy, and I’m stuck here by myself.

I don’t quite understand, I mean I know i did a lot of bad things when I was with Richard.

I did..there I admit it.

Ah this is getting me no where.


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