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well, now there’s an interesting thought

I have begun to realize i just don’t care about if and when i ever get divorced.
I have a beautiful daughter, who loves and adores me.
I have an amazing dog who currently is drooling on my shoulderw hile snoring.

I have an *amazing* embroidery machine that does so many wonderful things it’s impossible not to be happy and delighted and feel as though my world is great.

Then, there is the bad things. I’m working through the flu… i have been for a week now. My lungs feel as if they are weighted down with lead. My head is still hurting. The ex husband is tolerable right now. He has cut my child support apparantly because i wracked up 4000 in debt the year i left him, I’d bloody like to know how, but hey ho why not blame me.
After all, it’s alway’s my fault, catching him naked in my best friends bed, that’s obviously my fault also.

Rachel and I are giong to settle down and do her home work, then we are off to a chair making workshop
pictures to follow


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