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random thoughts

First…Rachel has been amazing lately
She’s coming on so well with her numbers, I’m so proud of her
her reading isn’t coming on so well
but her math is amazing

i came across this…and..change it to “man..or lord”..and god

do i crave this
I miss having someone to share the smiles and laughter and love of my children with.
I miss the warm, soft feeling of a Ladys hair in my face as I hold her.
I miss the unique smell of that special Ladys skin, and the delicate way it feels in my hands.
I miss looking into my Ladys eyes and seeing that unrestrained, unspoiled, and untempered love.
I miss being able to have a complete conversation with my Lady, and neither of us speaking one single word.
I miss a Lady who is strongest were I am weakest.
I miss being able to encourage my Lady in her dreams and desires.
I miss being so very proud of my Lady for her accomplishments.
I miss being able to rescue my Lady when she needs a knight in shinning armour.
But most of all I miss my Lady being my equal and my companion.


One comment on “random thoughts

  1. Glad to hear Rachel is doing well in her maths. We’re sure, with support, her reading will catch up!

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