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becoming balthazars student

since, protege is so pretentious*S*

okay….part of it sucked…i looked up..and 40 odd people were watching, sheesh..yeah..I lost all ability to speak at that point
which..truely was a horrid experiance.

and since this is public, and about as public as one can get really,

I Emeline l’Espicier, do here by swear fealty to You, Master J. Balthazar Tegero.
I swear to persue and develop my skills in service, arts and sciences, and the courtly graces, I swear to protect you, your home and kin, and through you the Crown of the Outlands.As a token of this I swear to report to you on two feast days of your choosing every year to discuss my growth.

There…it’s done *lol*

the pictures came out really rather good, I was pleased with that..thank you Lady Evaine and Lady Isabella for taking such amazing pictures of the event.

it’s a great thing actually

i am finding myself missing my belt….i asked Christopher blackwood to finish it..as a gift to Balthazar and Odile both…since they both mean so much to me…

and…i haven’t had it for two weeks

i’m going insane with out it


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