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My name, is Emeline l’Espicier, I was born 1202 in the common reckoning of years. The life of a woman in the early to mid 13th century in france was hard. I was married before I turned 16. I am the widow of a farmer, of a large farm in the Champange region of France. at the age of 28 now, I have already had several children, and have one daughter who survives, much to my sadness as I longed for a male child to carry on my husbands family line, as a good wife should have. As my husband has now perished due to a illness that I know not the name of, though the modern day world will know it as simply…the measles…I work hard to keep myself busy and prosperious so my daughter can find a good marriage. I have been taken, as a Lady in Waiting to the local Landowners lady, and serve her gladly.

as a child, I carried wood, learned to sew, and learned herbal lore from my grand mother. Who died when she was 43 having lived a very long and endustrious life.

My name, my surname, l’Espicier comes from the word for herbalist, or apothecary, meaning I am Emeline, the Herbalist. (found on the SCA webpage, here http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names/parisbynames.html)

My family, descends from the 9th century Viking raids in the 9th century, because of such many of our traditions fall under the feudal system though I did not know what that word ment, because I never refered to it as such, that phrase not coming into being until the French Revolution, and the Marxists became a popular party.

in 1209 a few short years after my birth, pope innocent the third launched the Albigensian Crusade in southern France, though I was far far too young to actually be aware of what was going on. I did however know that my older brother went to war, and never came home. We live on the property of , Robert de Dreux, grand son of Louis the VI, builder of the Château de Fère which was built in 1206.


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