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courtesy and etiquette

1. What time period does the SCA seek to cover? western civilization before the year 1601.
2. Where, when and how did the SCA begin?(To quote the sca newcomers page on http://www.sca.org/)
The SCA was started in 1966 in Berkeley, California by a group of science fiction and fantasy fans who wanted a theme party. Following the party, a group got together to discuss the idea of a medieval re-creation and re-enactment group (which has ended up being much like the Civil War, Revolutionary War or Buck-skinning re-enactment groups that were beginning to form in the US). In Britain, medieval and British Civil War recreation societies had existed for any number of years. The Californians incorporated as a non-profit educational society, started forming groups, and away they went
3. What is an anachronism? anything out of it’s proper place in time (IE a knight drinking a bottle of coke on the way to battle Friday morning of War, wearing glasses and donning plastic armour)
4. Where, in your opinion, does the Creative part fit? Sewing machines..plastic armor..the carpet armor I’ve heard about. Finding a way to make it look period, and not having to do all the work to make it authentic (IE hand sewing silk velvet to recreate a 14Th century Italian, something or other).

5. What is your Kingdom? The Kingdom of the Outlands
6. What area does your Kingdom comprise mundanely? Wyoming, Colorado, part of Nebraska, New Mexico, and El Paso Texas
7. Where and when was this Kingdom ‘born? (Will get back on this one)
’8. Are there any Principalities of your Kingdom? If so, what are they? No, no principalities
9. Name the Baronies and their mundane locations of your Kingdom.
Al-barran- Albuquerque nm
Fontaine Dans Sable, farmington nm
Caerthe, Denver Colorado
Dragonsspine, Colorado Springs
Caer Galen, Boulder colorado,
Unser Hafen, Ft Collins colorado
Citidel of the southern Pass, El Paso Tx
10. Describe the device of your Kingdom? Of your Barony?
Vert, a stag rampant or, with a bourdure embattled Or
Argent, a fountain of three tiers sable, with azure water cascading down
11. List the titles and their forms of address that are used in the SCA.
Duke/ Duchess (Your grace)
Count/Countess (Your Excellency)
King/Queen (Your Majesty)
Prince Princess (Your Highness)
Viscount/Viscountess(your excellency)
Baron/Baroness (Your excellency)
Master/Mistress (Master, Mistress)
Lord/Ladyship (my Lord, your Lordship)/Ladyship)

12. What is the Order of Precedence? Describe its use.
The Order of Precedence, is literally where you rank in your kingdom.
If you were to line up, everyone of the Outlands, by rank…this is the list you would use.

13. How do you address Royal Peers? Name 5

That depends, if they have ruled once of a principality, they are

Viscount, and so it goes like this

“Your excellency, this is Lady Jane, Lady Jane, this is Viscountess AEthel of Saxony “

If they have ruled once of a Kingdom they are “count”


“your excellency, this is lady Jane, Lady Jane, this is Countess AEThel of Saxony”

if they have ruled twice of a kingdom they are Duke/Duchess

“Your Grace, this is Lady Jane, Lady Jane, this is Duchess AEthel of Saxony”

Duke Artan
Duchess Aziza
Duke Hrothgar
Countess Claudia
Duke Bela

14. How do you address Court Barons and Baronesses? Name 5.
Your Excellency,
Baroness Adriana
Baron Gerhart(Frihier)
Baron Charles Blackstone
Baron J. Balthazar Tegero
15. How do you address people with a Peerage? Name 5.
if they are a Knight, then Sir (In some cases women Knights are called Dame, if that is their preference)
A Master of arms, is called “Master/Mistress”
A Pelican, or Laurel, both are addressed as Master/Mistress

Mistress AElflaed, (Both Laurel, and Pelican,) (Royal Peer)
Master J. Balthazar Tegero (pelican)
Master Adam the Steadfast (Pelican)
Sir Qara Gan (Knight)
Master Duncan Alistair McRea (Pelican)

16. How do you address people with a Grant of Arms?
Your Lordship/ladyship (My Lord, my Lady)

17. List 4 awards given in your Kingdom, what they are given for and describe their device.
Stags Heart, Service to the Kingdom, Vert, a heart Or between the attires of a stag’s head cabossed argent, attired, within a bordure embattled Or

Stag, given for service above and beyond the service normally expected of a citizen of the outlands, Vert, two stags combatant sustaining between them a column argent, a bordure engrailed Or

Promise of the Outlands, given for service by the children of the outlands, (15 and under)
Vert, a deer’s head erased argent, budded, within a bordure embattled Or

Golden Pheon, excellence in archery
Vert, a pheon inverted environed of a stag’s attire, all within a bordure embattled Or
18. List 4 awards given in your Barony, what they are given for and describe their device.
Mermaids grace (no device) Given for service to the baroness
Barons thistle (no device) Given for service to the baron
Order of the Golden Palm (no registered device) Excellence in Arts and Sciences
Order of the Golden Paw, (no registered device) Excellence in the Rapier arts
19. What is the Royal Presence? Where can it be and how big is it?

The Royal Presence, is any area the King resides. In a castle, it would be any room the King is in (I use king…but it is any member of the Royal Family). But since not many of us have castles running around in which to recreate our chosen time period, we designate about 10 feet around Royalty as the “royal presence” .
20. Describe how you would act if you wish to enter the Royal Presence.
If I needed to for example speak to Their Majesties about..oh, Telling them that the feast was ready and none of their attendants were available to tell, I would wait about 10 feet from them until I was invited in, i would curtsy first, then walk to them…kneel..then deliver my message…when dismissed..i would rise…curtsy again…back up out of the 10 foot radius, then curtsy again.

21. Describe how you would act if called into court.
I would rise from where I was sitting, walk to where the direct line to the thrones is…take the arm of one of the guards and walk into court. about 20 feet out..I would bow/curtsy…then walk closer…5 feet out…I would bow again…then kneel before either the King..or Queen, depending on whom wishes me to kneel before them
22. What is a consort? A person who has given a favor to another person, usually specifically for the purposes of a Crown Tournament.”
23. How should a consort act? Differential to the King/Queen/Winner of crown tourney, dignified, respectable, graceful, honorable.
24. What is a favour and why would it be given and by who to whom? A favor can be anything from a piece of thread, to a fully elaborate embroidered belt sash that carries the markings of one particular person. It can be given for any reason, you liked how they fought, you like their style of clothing. and it can be given from any one, to any one.
25. What is fealty?
(will come back to that one)
26. What is mundanity and why is it frowned upon?
Mundanity, is anything from the “real world” that encroaches on our space when we recreate.
Such as talking about the bill of rights around a camp fire, or drinking a can of coke with out putting it into a mug first.
and, it is frowned upon because nothing is more distracting to be talking about highly period things with someone..and hear this “Yeah…that President..he’s a right…(insert phrase here)”

27. Name 3 visual mundanities that annoy you that are easily fixed.\\
seeing coolers, (cover it up)
drinking a can of coke (Put it in a mug)
Those foldy chairs (Throw a blanket over it)
28. Name 6 Offices of service for the Kingdom/Barony, what that Office comprises of and who the current holders of that Office are.

(will finish this at a later date)
29. Define the following terms:
A. Chivalry I found several, that fit this little defination, however this one was the one I felt fit the best with what my idea’s of this word is “the medieval principles governing knighthood and knightly conduct ” found on http://www.dictionary.com/
B. Loyalty This one, i really find of the harder to answer. for one. It’s highly individual, what I may see as being loyal, is not what someone else may see as it.
But…in general it is the adherance to ones ties. to your Kingdom, to your Teacher, to your student, to your spouce, your friends your family, It is defending those ties, it is honoring them even when it is not an easy thing to do, it is…also..refraining from defending them when it is needed.
C. Glory The source of personal Honor, and pride,
D. Honor To act with Integrity towards ones values
E. Hospitality making someone, whether known or unknown feel welcome in your presense
F. Generosity Giving with out thought or worry as to what it means, something small, or large it doesn’t matter, giving freely of ones talents
G. Courtesy excellence in manners, and behavior
H. Valor Bravery,courage,
I. Renown fame, what you are known for, wide spread knowledge of who you are
J. Largesse Generous bestowal of gifts


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