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i have this urge…it’s getting to be very over whelming..to just curl up in a cave and hide..

I suppose it may have been the blazing row with my mother last night.

it could have been..w.ell…everything in general.

at the moment…I’m wanting to turn in my favor…I don’t..even…really want to go to Warders….oh I want too…I want to do my gaurd duty…I want to help with the childrens activites…
i just -really- don’t want to stand on retinue…it’s just..something i really don’t like.

but if I do…I’ll most likely just happily go…do my duties…then hole up in my tent…rachel and I’ll eat the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…which will be about all I can afford…I won’t be able to afford the baronial meal plan..i know that much

so..it’ll be the pb and j’s….i can survive for four days off that.


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