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apparantly, I’m a jealous person….
that’s the conculsion i’ve come too.

apparantly…and oh i know this…i’ve wanted tomake Richard and Sarah hurt…
i guess it’s being completely childish…

but i wanted to see them hurt…after everything i went through

Richard got to have a mental break down..Oh…i know that says that i think it’d be a vacation or something
but I had to soldier on…I wasn’t allowed too..I’ve barely started to let myself cry over this

barely started letting myself break down and cry over how hurt I was.
I still am. I have moved on. I started dating Brandin, but I really don’t want him to get mixed up in all of this. After all,

well..sometimes I think that they are just out to hurt. but then I wonder how much of that is me being paranoid. and how much of that is just me…



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