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a weekend in abq

the zoo…well..it was a Zoo…there were critters of every shape and size..there was a train
there was an annoying call from the ex husband (The prat)…and some really amazing soda….really good pop at the snack bar..

I think AE was a bit concerned because Roo and I didn’t eat…we looked…thinking we were hungry…but maybe it was the heat..but I didn’t feel hungry at all really till monday night. when I got home.
knowing my luck that means i gained 5lbs.

the zoo….wow..it was cool..in a zoo sort of way..I’ll admit that was totally for rachel…I am not much into them, mainly cause i’m well..frankly a bit against them, Oh I understand the research side of them, and preserving the species…and the like..But I hate seeing any animal at all caged up.

Guess that falls into the Hippy Tree Hugging Gypsy side of me…that reminds me….i haven’t hugged our spruce yet…really must get to that..can’t have tree’s feeling lonely and deprived.

Meeting AE and Holly…wow..it was, to be honest..amazing. Utterly amazing to meet them. .

a bit intimidated…but it was still really awesome.

I got clay YAYA* i got clay…

boy is that a major reason to consider moving to abq…good gracious, the sheer amount of craft stores…I’d go utterly insane there I would


Then..the weekend with B and O..bad..bad….okay….Balthazar and Odile…much better…that really was awesome it really was.

They are just so darn CUTE too…makes ya sorta want a bucket around…but in that really cool sort of way that just says that they are ment for each other.

Talking with B…about the student thing…

I asked him two things, one…that if we decide we will become Student, and Teacher….that it’s not done in like….coronation court sorta thing..in other words infront of the whole kingdom…

I have a serious dislike for any public…things….

part of the reason why I so dislike being called into court….I’m not comfortable with it

anyway..there’s my reasoning on that one.

And…a few months ago….I had a random conversation over a pint with someone about period apprenticeships…

and the contracts written up.

Now..I realize this could be bad…having a lawyer..write up a contract, for an apprentice ship….but never the less it’s something that I really feel should be done..

and done the same way it was done back then..that it was written…two times on one sheet of paper

both were signed by the parties involved…then it was torn in half…

then if it was ever disputed, they would see if the two halves matched..if they did…it could not be disputed.

that’s something that I rather feel is important. doing things, considering we are recreating the Medieval times…(sounds like a dinner theatre doesn’t it?)…that we should do things as close to period as we can.

Alright..that does not mean I’m going to hop around wearing linen all the time..it’s just unpractical…

(Random..I just hit spell check and I’d only misspelt two words ..yay me)


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