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oddball thoughts…

Tomorrow I’m going to Alburquerque to visit MB, and LO his wife…and am going to spend the afternoon tomorrow with Aeflaed and her daughter Holly at the Zoo..
in my adult life I have never done what I am going to do…go visit someone for the sheer purpose of visiting them (and them not be family)

I’m very excited..and so is Rachel..many plans are made by her…most of which probably will not happen (such as getting on the air plane and visiting her daddy)..and…apparantly she want’s to see a capochin monkey at the zoo…

I’m still not entirely sure if they do have that or not…but Rachel will enjoy it immensely i’m sure.

the next series of thoughts roll somewhat like this.

I’m going down to Abq to speak with MB, about becoming his student. That’s a little bit…unnerving, Totally unnerving.

I’m really not certian at all what questiosn I have for him…and..for that matter for Lady O..


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